It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | architecture of resurgence continued…

Welcome to Friday! Back to my “architecture or resurgence” focus in blog writing over the next fews weeks. It’s happening – resurgence in so many areas of our life that we had to put on hold. I am making well-being, tools, excellence, storytelling & community as the key ingredients to keeping this focus up!

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


I share the above selfie of Piper & I from this week as I begin to see your faces and connect beyond the eyes – I love that! It sure is an ingredient to my well-being! Another little something happening for this week – whether consciously aware of it or not (yet) – this is a time of transition – a transition into summer. And with respect to our work a key activity this time of year is looking at my calendar and making adjustments to be more aligned with summer. I share this habit with you being it makes a world of a difference for me. This is what this activity looks like for me – hope it might stir intentional inspiration for you. The art of time blocking.

Take 1 hour next week and pull up each day in your calendar – one at a time. What are the vital activities that must continue over the summer to keep your business running – schedule those – recurring. What is recurring now in your calendar that is not necessary in summer – delete those. Is there one extra day day or an extra 1/2 day during the week you can put a recurring HOLD on your time for PLAY – schedule that – recurring. Summer is short – you can come back to some things that are currently in your calendar in the fall. Let the summer season fill us up in new & different ways! These small calendar changes can help protect your time and for me – takes “shoulds” (I should be…) in my life to very intentional & efficiencies in my time. For me, this all leads to more joy!


Coming Soon is a new Moxi Impress Homepage – you’ll begin to see communication around this on the HUB on June 21st. More importantly however to me is making sure you are aware of the single-property websites available to you within the Moxi Impress toolbox. And better yet, it is another marketing touch for your Sellers – share in marketing plan, share in launch of listing (they might want to share it too!) etc… I’ve seen brokers spend a ton of time & money in designing single-property websites. Within Moxi Impress it takes minutes (literally) and already part of your toolbox as a Windermere broker – aka, doesn’t cost you anything further.

I shared a sample of this in a weekly training recently & I’m now seeing greater adoption. Click here for an example!


I’m going to drop a book recommendation within the “excellence – made visible” blurb this week. I’m currently reading it for a second time (ok, truth be told – listening to it while walking the dog!) – “Never Split the Difference – Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” – Chris Voss. Link here. Chris Voss was a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. He takes each chapter in real high-stakes negotiations and offers the reader field-tested approaches to negotiations in all things – “whether in the boardroom or at home.” So good!


Let’s talk market. What is the story this week? Answer is: A mixed bag. Certainly still heated in demand yet also seeing offer review dates in some instances pass. Seeing 20 offers, 10 offers, 1 offer (on offer review. date) to an offer the day after review date. It all exists right now. This is a moment to double down on setting Seller expectations. Pre-launch of a new listing – a good question to ask your Seller – “If you were to receive one offer at this price, will you be ok with that?” Their answer will reveal where you are in currently setting Seller expectations.


A picture is worth a thousand words – right? Last Friday we filled our collective “do good” buckets as our network set out on Community Service Day 2021 yet something also happened – we filled an internal bucket in gathering safely. Our social connectivity is a real thing at Windermere. This too is in the midst of resurgence and I could not be more happy to be a part. Next week, I’ll be writing about the science behind social connectivity – it’s a thing – a key ingredient to our happiness.

It’s Friday, it’s beautiful, let’s get after it! And oh, before I go – back to the top of this blog post in resetting an ideal week within our calendars – this too gets into what we are stacking for fun! A great friend of mine shared with me this week her summer stack of fun reads – sharing with all of you as I sign off for today! I get to go catch a ferry with the family for some PLAY – Be well, be kind Laura

Ps, as always, give me a shout if you need anything – here to help – the ultimate goal. 206.227.7133

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