It’s Sunday :: an ice ice baby sweep!

Sunday evening is rolling in – preparing for a new week! Started this morning at 4 stores and gas stations prior to 8am to grab ice to fill a cooler for a basketball tournament – to no avail though! Geez. A few things in “well-being” to try to cool it down the next couple of days…

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible” continued…


While apparently Seattle is still the least air conditioned major city in America and proper AC units are hard to come by in the immediate, a fun & quick video on making your own cooling zone – right here. My husband took this advice to heart (yes, we are without AC) – with hopes we find a cooler sleep tonight – six ways to sleep cooler.

…and, I do NOT know if this is true, yet the PSA is circulating some neighborhood chats (and I’ve seen many Seattle City Light trucks out working today)…


I’ve accessed the CW Title & Escrow “resources” tab several times of recent – no need to keep this handy tab a secret! My most recent views were – “Let’s talk Title – how do we sign?” and “Power of Attorney.” These “go to” tools and more…all right here.

Excellence. Storytelling.

Often we might hear this question – “what wrong?” How about flipping that script with “what’s right?” I heard that script flip on a Peloton ride this week. It got me thinking – how can I continue to make “what is right” made visible. I need your help! Ready for the challenge?

When you see a Windermere peer, a staff member, a manager &/or an owner doing something right – I ask that you share that with me or at a minimum, them. Doing what is right, doing what is fair and doing things well is often our superpower yet can often go unseen unless it is acknowledge and shared. Imagine what could happen by making the “good, right & well” more visible each week?

I hope you will become another set of eyes & ears for me in this endeavor – to help me highlight more people for their unique contributions, connect us further, support our daily work and amplify the pride around our values and purpose at Windermere. Doubling down on our superpowers.


The Wedgwood community received a surprise this week! To wrap this post ending on a light note – sharing what happens at our Wedgwood office if you lose in fantasy football. Even on a smokin’ hot day in Seattle you too would be in a chicken suit waiving at cars up and down 35th Ave NE. Thanks for the entertainment Kelland Lindsey – always a good sport! And, Blake Budden shows us what winning looks like. Nice belt!

As we start a new week, hopeful ice will reappear! What you focus on expands, right?!?

And oh, here is the HUB post last week around the launch of Windermere’s new sponsorship on KIRO news – weekly “On Home Ice” segments designed to help us get up to speed on the NHL and prepare for the Kraken. Our brand will be all over this – opening, graphics and commercials will air during breaks as well.

We can catch “On Home Ice” twice every Sunday on KIRO news (5:30 pm & 11pm) through the end of the year. 

Take good care these next couple of days. Check in on your people & each other. I will be serving Frosted Flakes for dinner tonight – not kidding! And, starting a new week with a SUP paddles at 6am tomorrow and ready for all things real estate.

All IN, for cooler days. – Laura

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