It’s Friday, let’s sweep – this week!

Despite being amidst mid summer there is lots going on and a handful of things worth bringing to your attention this week – let’s give it a sweep! Of particular note, the DOL is back auditing offices and I am mid-audit now. Coming soon to a FWL post will be an audit proofing summary as our offices are only as audit proof as our engagement with you – the broker. Anyone recall the DOL’s “two day rule”? – hopefully a concept not unfamiliar to you. This is the sort of thing I will deconstruct once audit is complete.

Ok, moving on from that riveting topic and moving towards this…

…what is this group above up to? Well, Inman summed it up pretty well this week. And couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this work – pinch me!

Windermere launches BIPOC-focused internship program

The eight-week internship is in partnership with the University of Washington College of Built Environments and will focus on educating students on the residential real estate market in the greater Seattle area. Full Inman article here!

…and ps, while nice to see impactful PR around this – even more so is what we are learning from these students. I can already guarantee to you we are learning as much as they are. My mind is wide open.

Seattle Waterfront LID prepayment assessments notices are here – aka, in the mailboxes of homeowners.

Let’s start with the background…

An LID is a funding tool governed by state law, by which property owners pay to help fund the costs of public improvements that directly benefit their property. For the Waterfront LID, property owners will contribute to a portion of the improvement costs based on the “special benefit” they will receive from those improvements.

The LID is a key component of the Waterfront Seattle Program funding plan, along with City and State funding and private philanthropy. An LID was included in the Waterfront Strategic Plan and approved by Council in 2012.

On June 14, 2021, Council passed the Waterfront LID Assessment Roll Ordinance. This is the ordinance to confirm the final assessment amounts for the Waterfront LID.

For property owners that reside within the Seattle Waterfront Local Improvement District (LID)they have now received their prepayment assessment along with other information. I’d suggest digesting this fully – details here (along with a sample notice).

Looking for a readers’s digest version and why we as brokers should care?

Disclosure issue for Sellers. Heads up for buyer brokers. Assessments role has been published and available with two clicks. Sellers can pay off and get discount (8%) or can pass on the buyer Like sewer capacity charge. Line 13 of NWMLS form 28 & 21 important. *side note, Demco Law Firm working on an advisory on this for us.

Wrapping this week in amplifying a well done HUB post from Windermere Tech. They have expanded hours in support and put together a thoughtful best practices in how to better connect with them for help. Often how we access and what we provide from the get go in detail (or lack of detail of problem) – can slow responses down. Take a look here – worth digesting. As always, if we can help find a solution – just ask. Managers & staff are here to help track it down.

That’s a wrap from this week – a full one! And to end on a light summer note – sharing a song I heard for the first. time on one of my Peloton rides this week – FireFlies (Own City). It brought me back to the summer wonder I had as a young child visiting my grandmother in Illinois and watching fireflies. To the wonder + play of summer – let’s go find that too. Happy Friday everyone!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

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