A quick sweep of this week!

A quick sweep of this week as I know I have only seconds to catch your attention during these summer weeks! I sure enjoyed the “return of the sparkles & smiles” over the July 4th holiday. SUP boards back in the water, tried something new – an open water swim at 6am and finally cleaned up my “work” that had completely overtaken every corner of my house, car…and now all back tidy in my office. For me, almost felt like the beginnings of a new year. Welcome to the 2nd half of 2021 all – happy that!

This week, sharing Dan Given’s updated spreadsheet filled with lots of #’s – yet done right, pulls the micro stories you need to get specific with your clients. Residential & Condo broken apart. Save this tab, download the spreadsheets and manipulate to your hearts delight! All right here. Dan’s general quick take in commentary…

It look like the 5 straight months of every higher offers has come to an end. The offers are still sky high but they are slightly down from May numbers for most areas. We all know pendings are reflecting a slight cooling and I expect that the closed sales reports will reflect that in coming months” – Dan Givens, WWA Windermere Services

Seattle tops list of major cities for growth in 2020

Seattle’s population grew by about 16,400 from July 1, 2019, to July 1, 2020, hitting a total of 769,700. That equals a growth rate of 2.2%, ranking Seattle as last year’s fastest-growing city among the 50 most populous in the U.S. This isn’t hot off the press news this week yet I’d seen a few articles recently around our city’s growth so I’m re-sharing this one. While I have had some friends reshuffle their lives away from the city I’ve certainly encountered new friends too attracted to Seattle. Full article here.

Ok, back to your Friday, that morning cup of coffee (or 2) and another fabulous summer weekend! Off to a wedding – can’t hardly wait! Getting all dressed up and celebrating the good in love. Love wins, right? And oh, this week too – a new & fresh cut. If you haven’t seen me in awhile – here I am. See you soon – I sure hope.

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

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