It’s Friday, let’s quickly sweep this week!

Welcome to a Friday, let’s quickly sweep this week! Well, my front door found it’s color – that just makes me happy! *as picture above. What else makes me pleased from this past week? Sharing…

Wrapping up our Department of Licensing audit today and we came thru very nicely with our findings. To the 12 brokers whose files were randomly audited – thank you! Going thru an audit is a true moment of partnership with you all – we are only as “audit proof” to the tune of a broker’s compliance in turning in what the Firm is required to hold & on time. I’ll be putting together a full recap – yet of interesting note in the immediate for me became NWMLS Form 42A – Agency Disclosure Multiple Brokers. We were missing this form in 3 of our 12 audited files. Take a look at the form when you get a chance & yes, it is only necessary in the Firm file when there are multiple brokers providing real estate services to a client and hasn’t yet been disclosed somewhere else. Frankly, I wasn’t aware this was necessary within the PSA. Always learning!

And as always, I’ll gently harp on the the DOL’s “two day rule” – this is where we as a Firm (office) will always be a sitting duck being only you know what a client has put ink to. The layperson’s definition to this rule is anything your client signs needs to be delivered to your office within two business days. Here is how the DOL describes such…

“Designated broker responsibilities include, but are not limited to ensuring affiliated licensees submit their transaction documents to the designated broker, branch manager or delegated managing broker within two business days of mutual acceptance.

What else makes me happy this week? 106 brokers to whom dedicated their week to our first LIVE Seattle Windermere Ninja Installation post pandemic. Those picture above come from my offices. Congratulations to all in your dedication to the craft and investment in yourselves. We are your fans. We are here to help! *oh, they had no fun at all – kidding – pink boa tells a different story for this esteemed group of brokers!

Ok, one local update worth shouting out for planning purposes from August 9th thru September 3rd! *thank you Diane Terry for sharing on social – I stole it…

That’s a wrap for today – it’s summer – I know, I will only capture so much of your time on a beautiful Friday! Welcome to it- get after it in productive work & play!

All in, for you. All in, for us.Laura

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