Let’s sweep! | 7 minutes on forbearance

Welcome to Friday (almost) everyone! I’ve hit the pause button and the open roads with my family. First stop – 3v3 basketball tournament and then off to digest the grand outdoors in search of mountains, lakes, streams and time together. The goal is to power up our batteries in prep for the upcoming fall. I hope you too are finding intentional ways to soak up summer & prepare to power up for a strong finish to 2021.

…before I turn on the autoresponder – I’m sharing a video break down (7 minutes) around the state of forbearance from Eric Thompson. With “forbearance” in the news – Eric does a nice job in simplifying and helping us move beyond the headlines. As with anything, the better we educate ourselves the better we can educate others. Our words matter.

Will Forbearance Cause a Housing Meltdown? (Hint = No) – Eric Thompson

Ok, T-minus a few hours until autoresponder turns on. FWL will return when my battery is fully charged again. For now, an August pause…

Be well, stay well. – Laura

One thought on “Let’s sweep! | 7 minutes on forbearance

  1. Tracie McGovern says:

    Have a great break!

    Tracie McGovern/Office Admin.

    Windermere Real Estate Co.

    1177 Fairview Ave N.

    Seattle WA 98109




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