Welcome to Friday! | I’m not going to tell you to be positive…

…I’m going to teach you how to become neutral in your thinking. I take an athletic approach to our business; and if you know me well, you’d probably say the same thing about my life. So when we brought in Trevor Moawad on mental conditioning to a recent Windermere virtual kick-off event, he took my mental conditioning game to a next level.

This week, we lost Trevor to cancer. What we didn’t loose was his impact. Fitting for me to again share his focus as a 1. nod to Trevor this week and 2. as a nod to doubling down on our mental conditioning.

At the physiological level, we all talk to ourselves. A lot of time we don’t know how often we do – we do about a 1000 words a minute at the subconscious level. – Tevor Moawad

Sports Illustrated named Trevor the best sports mental coach in the field. Sharing these next 34 minutes and 19 seconds with you – a conversation with Trevor.

Much of our lives comes down to influence. We owe it to ourselves however to influence ourselves first. You matter. Then you become a meaningful influence to others. Thank you Trevor Moawad for your influence. – Laura

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