Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | Welcome back to Blue Friday! +

Welcome back to Blue Fridays in our region! I’m wearing new blue pants for the occasion – good luck to our Seahawks this weekend vs. the Colts! The following week we’ll welcome back our Tackle Homelessness campaign when the Hawks again take their home field. More on that next week!

This week a few odds & ends to keep us moving forward – as I amplify last week’s post & story in to KMF (“keep moving forward”)…

I was reminded this week of NWMLS Form 35C – worth taking a glance at again – as it was added to our toolbox during the most recent forms revisions. If you have PSA with an inspection contingency and your Buyer does not yet have consent to send inspection report (or any part of it) – 35C can be your friend post inspection. It takes a little art in getting it done yet can be a strong tool.

I was also reminded this week in the importance of a proper rescission. While you brush up on forms – take a good look at NWMLS Form 51 – Rescission Agreement. Most likely at the point of rescission we are naturally focused on the use of this form to bring an understanding between Buyer & Seller. Paragraph #1 most likely gets only a glance in process yet today I want to bring attention to it. It’s a paragraph that can give you & your firm a little more certainty moving forward…

NWMLS Form 51. 1. Release. The Agreement and all other agreements or undertakings between Buyer and Seller with respect to the Property are rescinded. Each party releases the other and all real estate firms and brokers involved with this sale from any and all liability in connection with the sale, except as agreed below. Nothing herein shall be constructed to terminate any existing agency relationships or related agreements unless otherwise agreed in writing.

That’s a wrap for this week. Schedules are back for so many, we are back to driving 20mph around schools (be safe, be smart!), fantasy football drafts have taken shape, Biden’s plan for private sector companies with at least 100 workers was released on vaccinations – more on that in the coming week(s) – and we are watching our speed limit on our market. Let’s keep moving forward; together….

Sharing a school photo from my kiddos as they are often a guide for me in keeping to move forward – these kids can often teach us! #KMF


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