It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Guiding Sellers “now”

Welcome to Friday all! We are certainly graced with a beautiful PNW day after a downpour yesterday. Frankly, I’ll take both! This week, my sweep is focused on Seller Conversations “now” (and always), a wee bit on burnout and a rally cap moment!

Seller Conversations “now” – 3 stories

I witnessed a Seller receive 2 offers on their home upon listing review date (note: price did not escalate beyond asking price) and once they saw the estimated sellers net proceeds at full price they questioned whether to sell or not. They hadn’t factored in excise tax (or forgot about it) and assumed it would sell over list. Oops. Actually, double oops. Have that Seller conversation early & often with respect to review of seller net proceeds at list price to help set exceptions. An offer at list price is a possible option 😉

When reviewing multiple offers – please do not lose sight of communicating with buyer brokers. I witnessed a buyer submit on time (offers by noon), her offer expired at 9pm and broker didn’t hear a word until 9:38pm. It’s ok not to win out – yes, there is always a waiting game – just please communicate some timeline. It’s an awful place to put a buyer broker in. And, if you’d like a Friday funny – sharing this video (that has nothing to do with real estate yet gives a nod to communication) to keep things light! *you’ve been warned – a little explicit in language* Six funny minutes here.

…and for your Seller’s that decide on an offer review date & then go of script and up all timelines because they received an early offer – quickening the timeline can also have unintended consequences. When you put everyone now in a position to act even faster than they anticipated – mistakes (aka, buyer’s remorse) can happen. An optic to keep in mind. I saw that too happen this week.

This week’s practical application from last week’s “Suits of the Past” class is focused on Seller Ratification on our listing agreements.

Seller Ratification. Many brokers have the seller sign a listing agreement which is not completely filled-out at the time of signing. In order to avoid liability for incorrect listing representations, a broker must ensure that the seller has read the broker remarks and ratified them through signing a completed listing agreement.

Practical application: If you have a listing agreement signed without marketing remarks, agent remarks etc…not 100% filled in at time of seller signature – just make sure you circle back and get their “ok” in writing before exposing their home to the market – this is Seller Ratification.

It’s feeling a wee bit like 1995 for our Seattle Mariners. If you are a baseball fan – you too are anticipating a big & exciting weekend for our Seattle Mariners! It’s rally cap time to clinch the wildcard into the playoffs. Good luck to our M’s! And, for the rest of us – it’s rally cap time with 91 days left in 2021. Let’s rally for each other in all ways. Having great conversations with our Sellers, Buyers, each other. And, for those of you feeling a sense of burnout – I appreciated Michael Fanning’s 12 minutes this week on dealing with burnout. This video also recalls one of my favorite stories around “The Wind” – you might recall I shared this story earlier this year in my blog writing. A GOOD reminder. Right here.

All in, for rally caps. All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

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