It’s Sunday. “The Windermere Way”

Hi everyone. This Sunday evening’s blog post will take on a life of its own throughout October. I’m going to host “The Windermere Way” book right here all of October now that we have this read in a digital version (ISSUU). The “preface” below, along with a link to the entire read is now available for your fall reading list. I’m re-reading now – will you join me? And, for those of you in my Seattle Windermere Real Estate Co. offices – it just might pay off if you read it in its entirety – knee deep in planning November FUN around the content! Turn the pages – the more you know – the more you could win! Trivia anyone?

To this day, I’m firmly committed to my belief that owners and agents must build strong relationships with each other, be willing to share knowledge and know-how, and learn to ask – even to rely on – each other for help. You don’t compete with each other; you work toward the same professional objectives. By doing that, everyone wins and there are not only fewer mistakes and failures, but also greater success.– John Jacobi

After you finish “The Windermere Way” – I do believe you too will agree John Jacobi is one of the great architects within our industry. It is for us to continue building in modern ways yet in keeping stride with the foundation firmly poured for us.

Enjoy turning the pages & in authoring the chapters to come – together -I’m All IN for that.

Have a great week all! I’m here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

One thought on “It’s Sunday. “The Windermere Way”

  1. Kippie says:

    thanks for sharing!

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