It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “We want to get you (Seller) to the blue – what does that mean?” Tune in to find out…

Welcome to Friday all! This week I’m hitting you with new content yet with the same intentions of my podcast pre-pandemic. To be honest, running my podcast (and writing this blog) are two of my very favorite activities to do. Interestingly enough however – the pandemic environment allowed me to see much more efficient ways to get a guest “mic’d up” and have a conversation – way less time on the backend (production etc…) to share with all of you.

Today I will release a simple recorded zoom with Windermere Eastlake broker, Kristin Munger. Kristin is not only a dear friend – she is a lover of coffee, crossfit, stats, storytelling and people. Call these next 25 minutes “coffee with Kristin” as we talk through market stats and finding new and interesting ways to speak to them, and, over time – trends to notice.

As we head into the holiday season, I’m guessing many of you will see friends & family that you may not have had a chance to do this time last year. As we approach safely gathering, I too believe you will be asked “how is the market?” From month to month, Kristin & I will “mic up” with that in mind and provide you more talking points. It’s one thing to read “talking points” on a page – it is another to experience it in a conversation.

Welcome to today’s conversation and our first “coffee with Kristin”! Grab your coffee and tune in – right here!

Ps, in the future, we will provide a monthly look within 3-7 minutes (ok, maybe 5-10). Today’s recording goes 25 to set the stage for future conversations together.

And oh, I’m signed up for next week’s “All About ADU’s – Seattle Seminar via Zoom” hosted by Seattle King County REALTORS. Feel free to join me for a two-part (2 hours on 2 days) virtual course intended for  professionals looking to increase their knowledge about ADU development in the city of Seattle. I think this is a space we should all now be able to speak to. This class is specific to the Seattle market. Class information & registration here.

That’s a wrap for today – have a wonderful Friday & on into the weekend!

All in, for stats. All in, for storytelling. All in, for you.

– Laura

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