Thanksgivings! “no thank you”

No doubt I’ve shared many of posts around gratitude – the science behind it – and all the benefits in focusing on this super power = gratitude. And naturally we take stock this week with the Thanksgiving holiday. You would expect me to write about it again today – wouldn’t you? Well, kind of…let’s start with a story from this week…

Yesterday I was up early getting gas in the car before getting kids in all different directions and while gas was pumping I popped into the store associated with the gas station to grab some gatorades for after hoop practice later that day. As I was checking out, the cashier said to me – “that will be $11.57.” My response? “No thank you.” She looked at me sideways and I then realized I didn’t hear her at all. What did I expect her to say? “Would you like a receipt?”…to which my response would have made sense! Geez…

Lesson learned. I was on autopilot.

This moment led me to commit this week in Thanksgivings to taking inventory in where I am on autopilot. I bet there is even more to be grateful for when I take stock in these smaller and appearing tiny moments.

Ps, when she & I realized what interaction had really happened we had a really good laugh together. No doubt, laughter is too something I am grateful for.

All in, for Thanksgivings. – Laura

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