It’s Friday! Let’s dance. Let’s “pop” tags. Let’s plan. (on into the holidays)

Welcome to Friday! I’m fired up! Why? Macklemore singing atop the Pike Place Market and my 2022 business planner is ready to distribute. A great way to wrap this week…and if you are “popping tags” this weekend (aka, Macklemore’s vernacular for shopping) – “pop” local!

Macklemore: Next Year ft. Windser | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – turn up your speakers and start thinking about 2022 – right here!

…and when you are ready to carve out time in business planning – feel free to use my template as a guide. Go to my resources tab (upper right) > 2022 business planner – link to site here.

And to bookend this week – sharing a quick story. Last evening I received this text, “Hi friend! Just sent my 40th property review of the year, and wanted to thank you for the push to get them going and stay committed“…so I now ask my readers…

What will you commit to in 2022 that will make a difference in your business?

Ps, congratulations broker, Eva Conner for 40 property reviews and counting in 2021! A nod to you.

That’s a wrap for today! And oh, if Macklemore isn’t your thing – maybe Carrie Underwood’s stretchy pants holiday jingle will get you moving!

Dance on into the continued holiday season…


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