It’s Friday, let’s sweep! A readers digest version of our market(s).

Welcome to Friday all! I spent yesterday away from offices in a thinking & planning retreat – these beautiful structures downtown inspired my day! I hope they do you.

Amplifying market chatter this week in my “sweep”, encouragement to set time aside to plan for 2022 and a visual of the entertainment that has continued to grace our home during the holidays – who knew the elf was such a baller (as pictured below)!?

Let’s get right to it…and oh, if you missed this headline this week – good news for your buyers: Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) limits for conforming loans (mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) increased from $776,250 to $891,250 in the higher-cost tri-county area encompassing King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Seattle Residential readers digest talking points:

*need password to – text me: 206.227.7133*

Median Price in November continued steady at $850,000, up 4% from a year ago and flat from September 2021 (850) and October 2021 (850).

Active Inventory dropped to 315 houses for sale. Ten-year average is 788 for the end of November and was at 859 for November 2020.

November to February have the fewest new listings taken in a year based on historical averages. 

Successful buyers need to be decisive and aggressive. They need strong leadership from you.

The Eastside and Seattle markets continue to be different. 

Curious about the Eastside Residential readers digest talking points?

1 st quarter price appreciation is happening now!

Median Price in November hit an all-time high at $1,428,000. Up 35% from a year ago and 4.6% from a month ago (October 2021).

Active Inventory dropped to an all-time low of 100 houses for sale.

Ten-year average is about 1,000 at for the end of November and 300 for November 2020.

Next week, Windermere broker Kristin Munger & I will again sip coffee and mic up for a market chat session – stay tuned on that! We’ll be doing this monthly heading into 2022. I’ll include storytelling on what is winning the day (29 offers in Bryant and 52 on a home on the Eastside). Speaking of 2022…

…a reminder that my 2022 planner is available to each of you as a guide. Go to my resources tab (upper right) > 2022 business planner – link to site here.

I’m ready for 2022. Are you? But first, entertainment from elf (dunking, fishing, eating cookies with baby Yoda) and a hopeful pause to enjoy the holiday soon!

All in, for us. All in, for you. – Laura

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! A readers digest version of our market(s).

  1. Barb ragee says:

    Loved your “Fridayswithlaura” this week. You do an amazing job with this post👏👏👏 I guess I can be a little opinionated as I am your Mother ❤️❤️


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