It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “When the Oracle of Omaha speaks, people listen…

As our industry does it’s best to ramp up to meet demand (I know, hardly – ok – not at all) – I fell in love this week with this short article – Jan 20th article, “Warren Buffett Says 3 Life Choices Separate the Doers from the Imposters. When the Oracle of Omaha speaks, people listen…”

“Warren Buffett has captured our hearts and minds over the decades with such unconventional wisdom that it tends to defy today’s business rationale.

But you can’t deny that when the Oracle of Omaha speaks, people listen. Or so they should. More importantly than that is being able to apply such rare wisdom. Take, for example, these three well-known Buffett life strategies of most doers and achievers. Simply act on them with positive intent and watch the magic happen.

1. Learn to say no to most things

This Buffett-ism has garnered a lot of debate over the years since he said it years ago. It’s a quote about the difference between successful people and really successful people. Here’s what Buffett said verbatim: 

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

The context here is that most busy people are driven by doing more, not less. If we let our egos dictate our actions and we keep saying more yeses instead of more no’s, it’s not a sustainable business or life practice. We will inevitably crash and burn. 

To simplify our lives and keep us grounded, we have to know what to say no to. It could mean saying no to those shiny opportunities that may tempt us but in reality, don’t really serve us or our mission. 

2. Surround yourself with people operating on integrity

Integrity is such a non-negotiable aspect of Buffett’s business practice that he vows to only hire people who possess it. He says “if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you want them lazy and dumb.” 

One of the big reasons to surround yourself with people operating on integrity is because they have an orientation toward the truth — whether acting on it or speaking to it. In essence, this is the exact opposite of being an impostor. It’s being someone who will display uncommon honesty, treat others well, reject political divisiveness, and bring people together to achieve real results.

3. Increase your knowledge daily

According to Buffett, the key to your success is to go to bed a little smarter each day — what he calls the “Buffett Formula.” He connects the dots of his formula to a simple rule of investing: “That’s how knowledge builds up. Like compound interest,” says Buffett.

One of the ways he famously builds his knowledge is to spend a great deal of time reading. While you may not have the same commitment to gobbling up books or journals like Buffett (he’s been known to spend 80 percent of his daily routine reading), the point of the Buffett Formula is to make whatever progress you can by learning new things and improving your life on a daily basis.”

Stay curious my friends. Stay well. Be kind.

Here to help – Laura

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