It’s Friday, let’s sweep the week! | superpowers + time well spent + high 5’s to kick off ’22!

*Picture as seen on today’s morning walk. What will the day become for you once the fog clears?

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep the week! This week we began our year long celebration in Windermere Real Estate’s 50th anniversary with our ’22 kickoff event. What you don’t need from me today is a regurgitation in content being the HUB has it all! What you will find there is 1. a recording of the event 2. ’22 Western Washington highlight video 3. Matthew Gardner’s top 10 predictions for 2022. What you won’t find on the HUB are a few of my favorite take-aways to further ponder…

Yes, people (clients) want systems & tools yet they don’t want them without you.” – Matthew Ferrara

…Matthew captured this truth in that we all have “essentials” to our business (systems, tools, Nwmls, forms, docs, etc…) yet it is your superpower(s) that set you apart. When you bring the essentials + your superpower(s) to the client – this differentiates your client experience and becomes your unforgettable brand. Did you spend time yet to think critically about your top 5 superpowers? Then whittle down to top 3? And then finally, filter to your top superpower? Do that. Amplify that with courage & risk in ’22!

…and Matthew also spoke to a conscious focus on “time well spent” – we all need more of that; specifically in the good news category. I’ve put together for us a small yet mighty way to help with that…

…a place to land your high 5’s within our offices, our companies & our industry. Naturally in leadership & management we spend our days solving for solutions. It’s seldom that people walk thru our doors simply to give a high 5 in something they’ve seen done well. Ps, for those of you that do that – keep doing that!

And, to all of us – use this email address to land your high 5’s:

When you see a colleague handing a scenario in an incredible way? Share it.

When you see a staff support person going above & beyond. Share it.

When a manager gave you advise or coaching that worked. Share it.

When you observe professional ethics and standards of practice being lived out loud. Share it.

When you see one broker helping another broker. Share it.

When you see someone having success for the first time. Share it.

The list goes on and on in why to land a high 5! This email address will give me the eyes to see more and ears to hear more of the good that I know exists ever single day in our industry. Make it a habit – ps, it will give you a lift in doing so too!

…and back to that “time well spent” mantra – happy birthday to this four-legged friend today – an extra long walk to celebrate her 6th birthday today! The fog has lifted in Seattle, what will today become for you?

All in, for ’22 with youLaura

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