Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | Dish it out.

Dish what out, Laura? Dish out high 5’s from this week. No blog post necessary in speaking to current market conditions – we know them – we know the missing piece – yes, inventory. But wait, did I see a wee bit of a pop in that department yesterday?!

What is not always visible to us is the good, the inspiring, the collegiality, the courage & the helpfulness between each other as we pull on industry oars to both move the market and maintain the highest level of professionalism. Think about it – the good is often not what is shouted out or even seen – heck, even our MLS shouts out disciplinary actions from their homepage. Let’s make good seen by dishing out high 5’s! It might too be just the missing puzzle piece to your week.

Use email address high5@windermere.com to land your high 5 this week! Who is then recipient on the back end of this email address? I am, along with my leadership team.

Did you see a colleague handing a scenario in an incredible way? Share it with me.

Were you the recipient of impeccable communication? Share it with me.

Were you witness to a staff support person going above & beyond? Share it with me.

Were you provided advice or coaching that worked? Share it with me.

Did you observe professional ethics and standards of practice being lived out loud? Share it with me.

Did a colleague help you out in a pinch? Share it with me.

Is there someone you’ve been meaning to acknowledge? Share it with me.

Was there creativity in the marketplace that deserves a high 5? Share it with me.

In creating this habit in ’22 we will fuel creativity, collegiality, acknowledgement & a general lovely renovation of our mindset from week to week. Thank you for giving me the eyes to see more and ears to hear more of the good.

Ps, dishing them out will give you a lift too – I promise! There is research behind that statement – content for another FWL blog post.

And oh, a humble brag about one of our very own, Sharlane Chase! These beauties showed up to the Eastlake office and are not what they appear. Happy clients? Well yes yet these actually arrived from the Buyers where she represented the Seller…high 5, Sharlane!

This story from this week is too a reminder to all of us in how we show up within industry is seen far + wide. Our individual efforts represent all of us. I sure appreciate it when you are seen. And as I give a nod again to celebrating #Windermere50 – we didn’t get to our first 50 years on accident, we got here on purpose. The next 50 will be on purpose too. The example above in appreciation is an example of why we have arrived at 50 years in being one of the most reputable brands around. It is because of you; the people.

Thank you. I see you.

Dish is out at high5@windermere.comLaura Smith

One thought on “Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | Dish it out.

  1. Tracie McGovern says:

    Fabulous ~ Have a great weekend! Thanks for the Sharlane post ~ it is remarkable. tootles.

    Tracie McGovern/Office Admin.

    Windermere Real Estate Co.

    1177 Fairview Ave N.

    Seattle WA 98109




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