Chasing sunsets & a re-post Friday…

While I’m chasing beaches & sunsets in California the rest of this week with my kiddos (cue: spring break – well, almost forgot – here in CA for a hoop tourney) I’m re-posting last week’s vblog – as those of you that had a chance to tune in found the conversation helpful. Today’s FWL is making it easy for those that haven’t (yet) had a chance to listen in…

40 minutes and 27 seconds…with our coffee & stats. Kristin Munger & I chat interest rates, pace of market and question… “are price opinions effective?” Maybe. We also give a nod to next month’s vlog focus.

All right here.

ps, I reference the below slides during the vblog from Keeping Current Matters and their April ’22 Monthly Market Report…

All in, for you. All in, for us. All in, for chasing sunsets & hoops in CA!Laura

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