It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | life as a mixtape

Welcome to Friday! Let’s start the “sweep” of this week with a little time capsule and then jump into a headline worth talking about

Time capsule topic first…cleaning out one of our office closets this week, as picture above – a time capsule was found…do you notice however one of those gems is not like the others? It was fun to read the “comments” on a social post around finding this gem. Offers to buy the collection, several mentions of Mariah Carey, volunteers to bring in their old boom boxes collecting dust to host office dance parties & idea to auction off with proceeds to go towards our 50 in 50 campaign this year. Stay tuned on plans for this collection – at this point we are simply enjoying the find! Which direction would you go if you found this time capsule? Put in the comments section!

An oh, the treasure box may or may not have inspired manager Rob Graham to spend the rest of the afternoon reviewing files to Metallica – ok, that did happen. And, grateful he had a stack of files to review! Rock on, Rob, Rock on!

And now pivoting to the headline in today’s Seattle Time’s article…

Homebuyers should ask agents for money back, consumer group says – but that won’t be easy in Seattle area. Full article here. I will always shout out a headline that we should all be reading – regardless of the validity of the opinion. Why? Because your clients are reading them and we need to be aware of that. Ps, my counter to this article is this – if you were representing me right now in this market – I’d pay you more than your current fee;) Yup, you are worth it.

I’d like to add some historical context to some of the mentioned premises of the article by way of a series of 2019 podcasts I hosted. The timing of these podcasts were to educate on the 2019 NWMLS changes in allowing real estate firms to publicly publish buyer’s agent commissions. This was a strong move in transparency allowing for healthy conversations around value and flow of money. I am re-sharing this series of podcasts to hit re-play on the topic. No doubt, office meetings will serve as a refresh too.

It’s not a mixtape from 80’s but it is a series of throwbacks from 2019 and still all very relevant…

Episode 15Antitrust 101

Episode 16NWMLS Modernization of Selling Office Commissions

Episode 17 Discover A Process with Buyer Agency Agreements

Coming soon – Episode 25 with Cassie Walker Johnson & Jeremy Johnson – 8 step process in Buyer Agency to Closing (next week we get mic’d up)!

Ps, my favorite quote in the Seattle Times article today – “The change worried some agents at the time, but turned out to be a nothingburger,broker, Sol Villarreal said.

That’s a wrap for this week. Wasn’t planning on this content, yet life is like a mixtape – surprised by both the time capsule and The Seattle Times article.

Rock on everyone, rock on. – Laura

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