It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Goodbye June-uary

Welcome to Friday y’all. June-uary has left the building – thank you and hello summer! It now looks & feels like it and you all deserve this! This week’s sweep will be in record time with a replay on last week’s conversation with Kristin & Sol in approaching pricing in a turning market. The twists & turns will be our roads ahead – at least the sun will hopefully allow us to see it a bit more clear!

This week a drumroll in a handful of reminders…

If you haven’t signed up for NWMLS forms revisions class – do it! *see NWMLS home page to do so.

CW added a new doc on their escrow resource page, “Important Notes Regarding Cooperative Sales (co-ops). Resource page here. If you are not yet familiar with CW’s resource tab for both Title & Escrow – do it! So good – I go there often after 23 years in the business for direction. PDF’s are great client facing docs too in education.

This week we ran across a scenario that made us dig back up Demco’s 2014 legal bulletin – “Home Security Cameras and Listings: What Brokers and their Clients need to know” *worth a review! Where can I find this? HUB > Work > Legal (tab) > Legal Bulletins (ordered by title & year).

Listing brokers: Are you looking for that NWMLS Form to remove a Seller’s phone number from LIP? Reminder, in April 2022 – Rule 11(b)(ii) – Seller Phone Number – was revised (thus Form to do so no longer exists!):

Rule 11(b)(ii) will be revised to make the seller’s phone number optional – as opposed to required. Under the current Rule, the seller’s phone number must be included in the listing unless a seller requests the number be omitted and the listing firm uploads the seller’s written request to the listing.

And to wrap this week, a replay of last’s week’s mic’d up conversation with Kirstin, Sol & myself being there are twists & turns in the roads ahead. Mic’d up right here.

Now, go grab your favorite chilled beverage – one of mine as pictured above – and go soak up the good stuff from that orange ball in the sky! – Laura

Ps, if clouds make a come back and yes, they will – maybe look at them a little differently…

Philosopher Alan Watts on mistakes:

“Regard yourself as a cloud, in the flesh, because you see, clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was misshapen? Did you ever see a badly designed wave? No, they always do the right thing. But, if you will, treat yourself for a while as a cloud or a wave and realize that you can’t make a mistake whatever you do. Because even if you do something that appears totally disastrous, it will all come out in the wash somehow or another. Then through this capacity you will develop a kind of confidence. And through confidence you will be able to trust your own intuition.”

Source: Taoism: Way Beyond Seeking

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