It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | in other news…

Welcome to Friday of the upcoming long fourth of July holiday weekend! While I suspect you all aren’t ready to digest more information today, stats, market commentary or headlines I will use today’s blog post to welcome our 2022 UW Aspire cohort to their summer internship! We welcomed this week 18 University of Washington students from the College of Built Environments to the beginnings of their summer programming this week – a headline I can really get behind!

Spending time with these young academic minds within this group again brings me a sense of curiosity, vision for the future and healthy dose of hope. While they join us for the summer to learn; we too learn as much from them. The College of Built Environments is home to five departments: architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate, and urban design & planning.

While the UW is focused on creating future leaders within these fields Windermere is again doubling down in our efforts to help create diversity within the real estate profession, and on a long-term goal of increasing prosperity by making home ownership accessible to more people.

If you see them around, say hello! They are future leaders and we are hoping to pay it forward in what we know so far…and build together from there…

Pictured above: Aspire interns this week kicked off with Matthew Gardner & Michael Fanning. Thanks guys for paying it forward!

Welcome everyone to the July 4th holiday weekend, everyone! Be well, stay safe. – Laura

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