Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | “Adjusting your sails”…

Last Sunday Morning, broker Kristin Munger and I poured ourselves our morning coffee from our respective kitchens and mic’d up yet again to deep dive into strategy in use of stats, as I quote Kristin, “adjust the sails for the (real estate market) wind now.” We take a few minutes to show you (step by step) how Kristin pulls reports within the NWMLS in educating her clients. We show you how different our micro markets are. We hope we put you in a place of greater confidence with your clients.

Our conversation goes 37 minutes – all right here – when you are ready to listen in!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

Ps, us three can’t wait to see you at Homecoming next week! Happy 50th anniversary Windermere. It is officially time to gather, celebrate and bring our curiosity across our network in learning – in the city where it all started – our hometown, Seattle.

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