About last week, about last Friday night…

About last week brought about Homecoming, Symposium and the Windermere Foundation Gala. I’ve found myself grinning from ear to ear in reflection of all. I witnessed all the things you’d expect in a gathering of this sort; connecting, learning, unlearning all with hopes to inspire continued growth of our businesses and the people we surround ourselves within community.

As I shared with my partners, I will share with you all – a thank you and a nod to Windermere’s 50 years. This is epic. It has provided me a “sport” that lets me forever compete and build communities – all the while earning a living. I am grateful and share that with you – my Windermere family.

…and then came Friday night! About that gala! As we all await a final tally in dollars raised that evening, I give a toast to everyone – at the tables that night & beyond. While I was witness to absolutely indescribable magic that night, my mind wondered to that evening being the ultimate culmination of collective generosity that got us there. While you may or may not have attended the gala, you were fully at our “crowded table.” (chime in music lyrics below). The goal of $50M in our 50th year exists because of every single person who has called Windermere home and the clients & communities who have trusted us along the way…

To set this tremendous gratitude to music, thank you to my good pal Tanya Powell for sending this tune my way as we were putting final touches on last week. You were spot on, it was absolutely the “appropriate vibe” fo the week and carries me forward to our next 50 years…

Enjoy this week’s blog in reflection of last week to music – turn it up folks – right here.

“I want a house, with a crowded table…and a place, by the fire, for everyone”…

I’m grateful you are at my crowded table. Cheers to us. – Laura

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