It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | No shame in…

Welcome to Friday evening! Thank goodness we had opportunity to find our umbrellas & rain jackets this week! And for those of us on the soccer sidelines this time of year we quickly we found our boots! Welcome to this Friday’s sweep.

We are getting more aquatinted with our new forms and I bet, better at speaking to compensation. One thing I noticed this week – listing agreements. What I want to say is this – we spent a lot of time educating on what led up to our forms changes and thus a lot of time in buyer agency & process. My advice this week is within the Listing Agreement – no shame in having a second set of eyes on your first listing agreement post forms changes – that math can throw you off the first time. Ask your manager/owner for a second look! After one, you’ll be good to go…

This week bringing in notes from guest blogger, manager Jordan Malloch.

Quick Bite with the four market numbers to know: 

Metro Seattle (140/380/385/390/700/701/705/710/715/720) Single Family

Active Listings (snapshot):

Today 1217

Last Week 1242

One Month Ago 1224

One Year Ago 663

New Listings (so far this month):

Today 725

Last Week 562

One Month Ago 955

One Year Ago 863

Pending Sales (so far this month):

Today 529

Last Week 406

One Month Ago 522

One Year Ago 842

Total Number of Closed Sales (so far this month):

Today 480

Last Week 341

One Month Ago 531

One Year Ago 863

What does it mean?

The current market continues to defy the rising interest rates with inventory levels decreasing week after week. It will be interesting to see what happens with rates as we head into and through the Fed meeting next week (November 2/3). In the September meeting, the change was already priced into mortgages and most lenders saw their rates drop in the short term. Median sold price is up 5.6%.

Ps, Speaking of interest rates, for those shopping with payment sensitivity – connect with your favorite Penrith mortgage consultant on their 2/1 buy down program. I had a family member purchase with success this month! Text me – 206.227.7133 – if you need a good contact there.

What else this week? Well, this squad above will play for the 8th grade CYO championship this weekend – that is where you’ll find me. Our @windermereco.seattle Instagram stories were on point with our Ballard office doing a disco boogie into raising $24,835 playing bingo & a fun “front porch” social contest got us ready for fall & the season of spook!

And, I had a birthday. I share a gifting message within a Glassybaby that was also on point (thank you! Diane Terry)…

This is your captain speaking, there’s turbulence ahead, please fasten your seatbelts, lower your tray table and light a candle if you need help returning to stillness in your center, press the call button, and a member of your crew will be happy to assist you.

Here to help, as a member of your crew – Laura (and yes, cake day was good!)

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