It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a rally cap & a top 10

Welcome to it everyone, Friday and yes – for many of us we have baseball and our city on our mind! Mariners return home for a must win playoff game(s). Find your rally cap (or shoe) – we need it!

It’s been awhile since I published a Top 10 list in sweeping the week – so here goes – a little something for everyone (I hope) as I pen a bookend to the week.

Ps, if you enjoy this content – I have a favorwill you share with others within our industry? The more who read, the more new content & conversation comes my way – all equalling more to share with all of you. A sincere, thank you for being here.

Let’s roll…

(1) A client event done for you this weekend? Not too late to lace them up in person or virtually! The Windermere Home Run is this Sunday morning benefiting the Windermere Foundation. All right here!

(2) I discovered a podcast series this week – by one of very own – Edward Krigsman. The Power of Place – Stories of the Pacific Northwest. …”Tune in to Power of Place – Stories of the Pacific Northwest, an audio storybook hosted by Edward Krigsman honoring places that matter and the people who steward, protect or celebrate them. Whether you have just arrived or have spent a lifetime here, we hope you will find our podcast both entertaining and grounding.”

(3) A free app to help with your open houses? OpenHomePro

(4) A good read? 2021 is an Outlier, Not a Benchmark

(5) I encourage you (if you haven’t yet) to enroll in our “compensation conversation” classes (3 CEs) – if interested to better your understanding, process & confidence with your clients around just that – compensation conversations. Short of that – 6 & 7 below give you now resources:

(6) Discover a few more soundbites for incorporating Buyer Agency into your plan from a mic’d up session with Cassie Walker Johnson & Jeremey Johnson – Ep. 25 Double Down – How Buyers Hire You. (60 min.)

(7) The Power of Using Buyer Agency 100% of the time – Windermere’s Coaching Minute podcast (37 min)

(8) A quote that is carrying me into my 2023 planning sessions – “Make new things familiar and familiar things new” – hint hint: planning theme – stay tuned on that. In the immediate – how might you enroll this theme into your business? Start thinking about it! I know I am.

(9) Look for some fall fun campaigns brewing over on Instagram @windermereco.seattlegive us a follow – your excellent content too might find it’s way to be shared!

(10) Who can you give a high 5 to this week? Catch someone in excellence and share that with me @ – this stuff matters a lot!

Ok, rally cap on and all the while I hope this Top 10 has provided a little something for you.

That’s a wrap to this week – looking forward to next…


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