This week! | The magic of the season.

The @rainierclub did not disappoint this week to again gather & celebrate the year & magic of the season! We filled this iconic Seattle building with fireside chats, festive food, holiday attire (we clean up nicely!) and a beverage in hand – does it get any better? Oh, yes it does – the people – always the best ingredient of a good party!

While the magic of the holiday season comes in all shapes and sizes after gatherings being paused in our recent past, I raise a glass with each and every one of you. May you bring back that one tradition, that one gathering, that one feeling, that one extra peaceful pause between the hustle and bustle to soak it in.

As we anticipate new beginnings in a New Year being it is too a reflective period of all things. It’s naturally a time of taking inventory (not just gifting) of the people we choose to surround ourselves with. The gift of community tops my list this year.

My heart is full, ok- frankly – spilling over after this week. And look! I even got to talk with Santa. Life is good (thank you, Lyle George)

Cheers, to you. Cheers, to us. – Laura

ps, thank you Casey Holme & Anita Italiane Hearl for the blog pictures!

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