A beautiful announcement! “we are far from over…” – Tuna

I will never forget our 2022 Windermere Foundation Gala and I will never forget the emotions I witnessed as above pictured from our fearless leaders who helped drive tirelessly the end result for this year. Christine Wood (aka, Tuna) and Franny Wood – no words can describe well how I feel about this picture…

To everyone, as beautifully announced this week – we did indeed take the $50M in our 50th year challenge head on. It took our entire network coming together to made it happen. I can’t shake the goosebumps I have in arriving to this number. And yet, it is certainly more than a number; it is a reflection of collective generosity, relentless care & focus from each of you, our clients and each of our offices at the hyper local level. Every dollar, every transaction, every event – everything got us here.

It does not go unseen in your efforts & choosing Windermere as your business partner.  You are gold.

Cheers to you. Cheers to us. Cheers to the lives impacted. Cheers to collective generosity.


…we are far from over…” – Tuna

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