It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | on tour.

Welcome to Friday! Yes, the groundhog saw his shadow signaling six more weeks of winter this week – yet my gut tells me spring is feeling right around the corner in our local real estate market. This week’s blog post is short & sweet with a thank you and one focused topic.

On getting back on tour

Thank you listing brokers for getting back in the habit of putting your listings on broker’s tour. That is a first step toward moving our industry further and further back into the habit!

Thank you to those of you that have already adjusted your practice and have recommitted to this weekly practice in getting out there. By touring weekly we engage with each other. We know the real story – beyond the stats and pictures. We connect. We “show” support of each other – Sellers happy! We have better responses with our clients in “how is the market?” And, we have fun!

What to tour you say? Naturally you tour for clients, yet the practice moves beyond this “why.” Tour for open house prep. Tour new inventory (track how market reacts). Tour to support your peers. You’ll want this on your listings! You’ll be better & quicker at your real estate reviews. You’ll see what works in staging. You’ll price better. You’ll market better. You’ll pick up ideas. The list goes on and on…

And did I mention tour for fun? Yup, meet up with peers, fill the cars and go…

This week, I scrubbed my recurring calendar. I carved out 1.5 hours on Wednesday and 1.5 hours on Thursday. By time blocking this, it will happen for me more often. Might that pro tip help you?

If you take me up on this activity in making it again a weekly habit, I passionately believe you’ll be grateful for what comes of it. Every single time I commit to this practice, there is a connection, a market conversation, a follow up & a story that comes of it. It builds the core of a local real estate business.

I’ll leave you right there to ponder your next step in touring. Turning our focus to the weekend in productive work & play. Let’s get after it! Here to help.

Ps, have a high 5 for something this week? Share at – let’s lift each other up as we endure six more weeks of winter and anticipate spring!


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