It’s Friday, let’s sweep this week! | A theme song. AI. Weekend Ready.

I’ll give one more plug for this book. If I have a theme song for myself in 2023, it is in the form of this book! Just wrapping it up and it has creating great dialog for those turning the pages with me. Cliff note version: “Hospitality means being more thoughtful.” I can’t recommend this read enough. Ps, chapter 19 even speaks direct to our industry.

Next week, I’ve been made aware of a class that is getting lots of attention. I’ll be digesting how AI & ChatGPT for Real Estate might play a role in our industry – well, turns out – it sounds like it very much is.

…”We’ll show you LIVE examples of ways to create content and implement it immediately. Discover how to format prompts that work, how to use the info it generates, and how to improve every single part of your business using this tool.

Listing presentations. Client emails. Drip campaigns. Listing descriptions. Video scripts. Marketing strategies. Blogging. Social Media posts. Ad copy. Phone scripts. Text responses. Lead generation and follow up… Literally every part of your business can benefit from this technology.” – with Valerie Garcia & Michael Thorne

Class details & registration here! I’m very curious.

Are you Weekend Ready? I am. A nice line up of Open Houses are ready – here!

And, will it be the Super Bowl football commercials or the game itself that gets you to the couch and some great eats? We’ll rank commercials in our house and enjoy the game. But first, this 8th grade squad will play for the CYO championship Saturday night! You’ll find me court side…

Have a wonderful weekend in productive work & play. Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

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