It’s Friday, let’s sweep this week! | Audit, ChatGPT & Rick.

Welcome to it, Friday all and specifically, Friday before Presidents’ Day Weekend. For those of you in the midst of transacting, please regard Monday, February 20th as a legal holiday with respect to computation of time.

 Today’s post is short & sweet as I’m knee deep in a DOL audit. Will expand on concepts below next week & beyond!

So, I did the thing this week. I also dove deep into AI for Real Estate and have taken a brief spin (so far) into ChatGPT. Remember when the word “hashtag” was new? Well, here is a new(ish) word for us as we explore this topic – “prompts.” In this space we will together learn how to have have excellent conversations with ChatGPT. Think of this tool as a “brain you employee” then add your knowledge for an end product…and over time this “brain” learns your voice as a content writer. I’m looking forward to discovering more with all of you. For now, I’ve begun down the path and will help to lead those that want to join me in productive & safe ways to use AI within our industry.

This week I couldn’t help to amplify Rick Franz’s recent video message on his YouTube channel – if you know Rick, you know. If you don’t yet know Rick Franz of our Windermere Bellevue South office – this is classic Rick. And guess what? After 32 years in the business, he plans to have his best year ever. He has a relentless pursuit of mastery in our industry, excellence and doing what is right. Sharing this 1 minute and 22 second video as a pause for all of us in our efforts thus far in 2023 – how do we stack up in our mindset & planning? Maybe this his a reboot in focus & what we know works…

A reminder from Rick here!

And for me, back to the DOL audit. Catch you all on the other side! – Laura

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