It’s Friday, let’s sweep | “not my mess”

Welcome to Friday, all! As I put a bookend to my week I share a two things with you – 1. a reminder and 2. a story. Let’s get right to it…

Let’s start with a reminder. When listing a home, do yourself a favor – check websites on launch day to be sure they swept appropriately from the NWMLS. Let’s be honest, your Seller will. This week we had one listing on Redfin showing off market – not the case; very much a listed property. It gave me an opportunity to again share this resource on Redfin’s website for our brokerage community. Here is a link to the below page – where you as broker can “submit a request” to a “edit a listing“. You’ll get an automated response speaking to a 24 hour turn around yet my guess is engineers are typically on it asap – all websites syndicating from an MLS want the best & correct data feed – quickly.

And now for a story to ponder as we close out this week and prepare for a weekend of productive work & play…and for many, spring break is upon us!

Thursday of this week I had an opportunity to start my day at the 15th annual Row to the Future benefit breakfast (thank you Windermere Foundation for being a sponsor). During the event we heard from Arshay Cooper – Director of A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund. Arshay’s name might sound familiar to you as he has helped to to tell the moving true story of a group of young men growing up on Chicago’s West side who form the first all-Black high school rowing team in the nation, and in doing so not only transform a sport, but their lives. I guess I have rowing my mind with the Windermere Cup just around the corner!

Arshay shared with us an early story of he experience in the boathouse as a young rower. He spoke to a coach asking him to clean something up. He responded with, “coach, I didn’t make that mess.” Coach went on to teach him both a familiar concept that many of us can recall in life lessons yet he added a twist that made me ponder the familiar with new. Coach taught Arshay on that day in the boathouse to always leave the boathouse better than he found it…”even if you didn’t make that mess.”

That story stuck with me this week, simply wanted to share.

Ok y’all, it’s the Masters weekend & it is the beginning of spring break for many. However you decide to architect your weekend, be well & stay well! I plan to continue a recent spring fling with my clubs at the driving range. Dusting off the sticks, and as we like to say in our house, “let the big dog eat.”

Who wants grab a bucket of balls with me this spring? The bucket below was the best $12 I’ve spent in a long while!

On the real estate front, keeping swinging. Keep adjusting the swing. Have fun with hit. Tee up another ball when it doesn’t go where you want it. And enjoy & celebrate it when you hit it just right. I’m right here with you.

– Laura

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