It’s Friday! “Greenlight” to livin’ (and limes)- our Michael Nelson.

This week was somber for those of us touched by the one and only, Michael Nelson. Michael passed away last Saturday, peacefully with his husband and Windermere broker, David Updike, by his side.

I personally have balanced this week in reflection & story with many of you all the while putting one foot in front of the other – as Michael would often say (and love doing) – “get sh*t done.” I did just that.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?! This is one of my favorite pictures of Michael sporting one of his very favorite t-shirts…

David shared these words with our Eastlake office and I now share with all of you…

…”I really appreciate everyone reaching out to me with their love, support and tributes to Michael. It means so much to me to hear how positively he influenced our lives and careers.

He loved the business of real estate and he loved encouraging, helping, mentoring, problem solving involved in the real estate transaction. Michael was a doer and a leader – he bought his first house at a very young age and subsequently decided that real estate was an interesting and potentially lucrative business. He threw himself into it and quickly succeeded. His success motivated me to try my hand at it as well. He didn’t encourage me to leave my secure low wage with benefits job, (but foolish me), I did.  He understood what needed to be done from an organization and people skills stand point. What followed were financially rewarding years as a real estate team, then,  as a manager of other agents he continued to mentor me as an independent agent and subsequently as a team agent. I know, without a doubt, that I never would have succeeded on my own in this business without him.

Michael’s energy and focus was undiminished throughout almost all of his career. His throat cancer and recovery years quieted his voice but it didn’t diminish his skills or his goals. It wasn’t until his stroke 3 years ago that he began to slow down and reflect on what retirement might look like. I am so thankful to have shared so many happy years with him and with all of you through all of this.

Michael was bound and determined that we be back in Seattle for the Windermere meeting on May 12th. All of you, and the Windermere family mean, meant so much to him. He wasn’t willing to let it slip away. I hope to put together a plan for a party sometime soon where we can get together and celebrate Michael’s life. Details to follow…  

Love, David”

…and to take you back to March 21st, I text this picture to Michael & David and said, “where am I?” To which they responded within minutes to “El Mirasol, only do they give you a half of a lime in your margarita.” I was there with a girlfriend as Michael had highly recommended this spot on our trip to Palm Springs. Let’s just say, in tribute to Michael I will forever put a whole half of lime in any drink deserving of a lime. Thank you both for the recommendation as it turned into a way of life for me. And to Michael, you gave me so much more – I cherish you.

What else did I do this week? Somehow I managed to read an entire book as I kept one foot in front of the other – well actually, I re-listened to “Greenlights” – by, Matthew McConaughey. Also just what the doctor ordered. For those that follow along my book of the month & discussions around such (feel free to join! – – this is our current read. It’s a love letter to life…it Matthew’s memoir to date in bumperstickers, notes to self and prescriptions. The pages are a stories in bringing the self closer to “me” (aka, you) – as when we are in alignment to ourselves we are best positioned to say “greenlight” to what matters most & decisions from day to day.

This week was a week to rediscover a “greenlight” to get busy livin’ and give tribute to Michael Nelson who was always in alignment to himself – he had that very much right in this life.

To livin’ (and to limes) – welcome everyone to a beautiful PNW Friday – Laura

…and ponder this: what will you next “greenlight” in your life?

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