It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |”Into the golden hour”…


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! We’ve been content heavy in recent blogs and certainly at our office meetings. This week’s sweep is a feel good. And for those of you who are looking for #’s – I’ve got those too. A little something for everyone! First up the feel good…

“A change is in the air; a great mellowing. It’s in the wind, in the earth, inside each and every one of us. And somewhere, not far off in the distance, woodsmoke is seasoning the evening sky.

Each year, autumn arrives all bluster and, like an old friend, invites us to come outside and enjoy a few more days of color and light. In the fall, we watch the sky. We listen for rain. We stop to watch the trees and their painted leaves. We pack away our beach chairs and unpack our woolen socks. We settle into our long pants and our sturdy boots and our trusty old raincoats. We return to books half-read and sweaters half-knitted and favorite old recipes, written in our mother’s hand. This time of year, we remember our love for pumpkin and pecans; we pick barrels of apples and bake with buckets of cinnamon.

Each year, autumn reminds us to return to the routines that anchor our lives in time. We feel nostalgia deeply and embrace ritual fiercely. We go home again. We relive glory days. We gather together in September stadiums, around October bonfires, and at long November tables. And in the shadow of the dimming natural world, we tell and retell tales. 

In this way, every autumn is another turned page, another chapter completed, a bit more perspective on the full story of our lives: the rising and the falling, the discovery and loss, the sacrifice and surprise. And isn’t this he story of all of life, of ends that follow beginnings and then make room for new beginnings? Without this rhythm, this eternal cycle, how could we ever be whole?

So, let’s harvest all the light and life and goodness that we can. Here and now, during the sweet golden hour of the year.words by Austin Sailsbury


…and for those of you looking for less of the feel good content and want me to show you the #’s > Windermere Stats is updated – here. Next Friday I’ll dive deeper into the digestible bites of those numbers.

*password is updated – text me if you don’t have it – 206.227.7133 or ask your office!*

Tomorrow is Summer Splash! Shout it out via all your social channels! All event details here. Please thank those in your offices that have been driving this =  big + impactful job!

…and there is a new addition this year for those of you who love your four-legged friends: Dog Days of Summer Walk. Register your dog or your clients dogs here!

Your offices have all the marketing pieces at their fingertips – just ask.

Ps, I’m ready to go find a great puzzle as we head “into the golden hour”…

All in, for you.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.



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