It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | what have you noticed?


Why the thought bubble? We are settling into all things 2020. In looking at putting together my “sweep” of these last seven days; it seemed appropriate to answer my own favorite office meeting question…”what have you noticed?

The last seven days in our offices, this is what I’ve noticed…

the Ballard office crushed it with flying colors on a surprise DOL audit! Great job Ballard! In the coming weeks I’ll share the DOL hotspots and how you can best partner with us in being audit proof! We can only be as audit proof with your involvement in compliance. Not the fun stuff; yet matters.

a “beginners mind” can win you business. A “beginners mind” leans toward one of a growth mindset vs a fix mindset. Newer brokers are competing successfuly with the best of our vets based on their commitment to their systems and processes (and pure enthusiasm for being new!). New to the biz or a tenured vet; people notice if you are “all in” for them.

…I noticed color return to one broker’s face (from a ghostly white color). What? She had woke up at 3am concerned she had put her Buyer’s earnest money in jeopardy. After we broke down the situation; including a call to Demco she is breathing easier.  The color returned to her face (relief) to know that she had done all the right things. Point? You are surrounded by wisdom. Just ask for help when you need it!

…in talking with an 18 year vet broker today; she just now realized that an inspection may not include an inspection beyond the “presence or non-presence of oil storage tanks on the Property, unless otherwise agreed in writing” (NWMLS Form 35 1.e). Please review; new to the biz or tenured vet! Ps, she made me laugh big time after I said, “Sometimes I wonder  how I sleep at night!” To her reply, “you’ll sleep better when I retire!” Funny.

…when a broker had a family emergency and needed to go to the ER; within 30 seconds of a request for coverage for an inspection – beginning one 1 hour –  the need was filled (3x’s over might I add!). My heart was full. Point? You are surrounded by people who care about you and are willing to help. Ask; our network is big and cares.

…our Standards of Practice reps + Foundation reps got back to their regularly scheduled meeting times for the New Year. What an incredible group of people around their respective tables helping us in our collective commitment in being excellent + in doing the right thing; “the time is always right do do what is right“…


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Computation of Time

For those of you within Purchase and Sale timelines heading into a holiday weekend: take specific note!

When computing time for the purchase and sale agreements, please regard this Monday, January 20th as a legal holiday. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.

Ok, let’s jump into the weekend! We are clearly settling into 2020 with respect to all things real estate. It’s the market is active; it’s here.

Let’s ride!


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