It’s [only] Tuesday; not Friday! | Yet…


Special Edition Tuesday blog post:

I’m building out content for my next “legal bites” podcast with Demco Law Firm and I want your engagement on this!

As Mathew Gardner spoke to at our kickoff event last week; our classic Seattle spring market starting in January. How I read that? Let’s make sure we are clear in navigating not only the market itself with our Buyers + Sellers, lets include any legal pitfalls we want to anticipate; clarify; learn and re-learn as we dig deeper into the actual 2020 spring market.

Within the comment section of this blog post, please post what legal bites are on your mind! Or, email me Or, text: 206.227.7133.

Prime the pump and help me build out the content most relevant to YOU.

Let’s start a conversation…


All in, for excellence. Ready to get mic’d up!


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