The return of the sparkle & smile | July 4th!

Sparkle & Smile

Here comes the long Fourth of July holiday weekend and one that I hope brings the return of the sparkle, the sparklers & smiles! This week Washington State re-opened, the holiday falls on a Sunday – meaning Monday is regarded as a legal holiday.

What do these things mean for real estate?

Another conversation with your sellers…

Brokers and their clients must adhere to any requirements or restrictions imposed by the seller of a property, including required appointments, mandatory face coverings, capacity limitations, or other instructions.  Listing brokers should detail any requirements in the listing and post signs at the property regarding any specific instructions (e.g. face covering required to enter). Yup, seller is more so calling the shots. Get clear with the seller and please honor your comfort level too!

…and, when computing time for purchase and sale agreements, regard Monday, July 5th as a legal holiday. Whenever any legal holiday falls upon a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a legal holiday under Washington law.

…now to share one of my favorite things I read this week – speaks direct to the superpower we all have within us!

Whenever I smile, I make someone’s day better. What a cool way to buy happiness for free! I will remember what an awesome power I hold, and I’ll take joy in improving lives simply by giving away grins like crazy!” Thank you Jeannette Ault for this share – from our Eastlake office!

Sparkle & smile on! All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

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