It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | keeping up with “current matters” – what is the speed limit?

Welcome to Friday and yes, the lead story on today’s blog is the anticipation of the reinstatement of our WA State mask requirement for everyone, regardless of vaxx status, in indoor settings. Full update from the NWMLS here – if you haven’t digested it yet. The good news I pulled from the Covid-19 update for us & our industry is this…

“Real estate firms may continue to open their offices at 100% capacity, provided that firms comply with the mask requirement and all other recommended health guidelines.”

And if you join me in a bit of confusion around this current moment in time – I found this week’s article from The Atlantic, “Delta Has Changed the Pandemic Risk Calculus. If you’re confused about what you can do right now, you should be.” to mirror where my thoughts have taken me…

Read full article in The Atlantic here.

In turning the page back to real estate, sharing again one of my favorite sources of information to aid in the above graphic – aka, helping people make decisions not 100% based on emotion. Each month when I invest my time in watching & listening to KCM’s monthly market report I feel a wee bit smarter and ready for those “how is the market” infamous questions we all encounter. It’s a solid monthly habit for me – join me?

In this month’s Keeping Current Matter’s market report (21 minutes this month) – the team at KCM speak to bubble chatter (or not), forbearance concerns (or not), Q2 “buyer traffic” (still strong) and a nice summation analogy around our market possibly beginning to drive the actual speed limit the second half of 2021…

We’re in August right now, and here’s the analogy I would give you. Where we’re at in the real estate market is the analogy of going, flying down the freeway. We’re doing 95 or whatever miles per hour, and you see an officer up on the hill ahead, and you start to slow down. Maybe you slow down to 70, 65 miles an hour, and it feels like you’re crawling, but you’re actually doing the speed limit. We’re coming back into a little bit more normal market, seeing some normal appreciation forecasts.” – KCM, August 2021 monthly market report

*as a reminder the KCM site is updated by the 10th of each month. If you’ve never visited the site yet – there is a complimentary 2 week trial awaiting you there – worth your time! If you just want a look every now and again – feel free to text me and I’ll let you borrow my log in information for a test drive. 206.227.7133*

And as we close out this week’s FWL post – let’s take this moment to double down on Going Slow & Doing No Harm – for the good of all. – Laura

*below – attempt at a family selfie in the middle of the Big Wood river last week & our ride up to 9150′ in the air! #peace

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