Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | certainty

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep this week and give a nod to an uncertain moment around the pandemic and lean into what we can call certain. In times like this, I look for what is certain to recalibrate and have confidence this moment will pass. You’ll notice throughout this post images of the sun setting. All pictures taken this week. All taken from the same spot; yet naturally unique. What dawned on me when I looked at these pictures – they do have one thing in common – the certainty that the sun rises each day and sets each day. Not rocket science, yet I appreciate this knowing and for this week, being reminded.

Ok, let’s talk real estate. Remember last week’s post around KCM’s analogy of the speed limit and our market? Well, Windermere manager Rob Graham took that to a whole new level this week. Sharing here…

Note: #’s referenced are for single family homes in the City of Seattle.

“The conversation came up in my meeting last week about, “Is August a bad time to list”.  I promised my brokers I would go back and do some geeking out on the numbers and let them know what I find.

I went back and looked at each month going back 10 years and here are the bullet points of what I found:

*August has averaged an average Sales Price to Original List Price of 100.4 over the past 10 years.  The average for that entire time over all months was 100.3.

*August has averaged 23.1 CDOM over the last 10 years.The average for that time across all months was 27.5
I only pulled single family homes in the city of Seattle. 

*I think the conversation that I am going to have with them is around never overpricing regardless of month and that the sentiment about August may be more a product of the change in momentum.  In August as we transition to fall it feels like going from 70 mile an hour to 60, while March feels like going 50 to 60.  Both are 60 miles an hour but because of the direction of the momentum, it feels very different.”

*ps, text me (206.227.7133) if you want the graphs Rob shared beyond his bullet points above. Love me some geek!

A reminder this week for listing brokers! This is a re-share as the need came up this week. Redfin has a tool for you when you need support when your listing needs editing on their website. Remember, Redfin is a Firm with the NWMLS – meaning Windermere has zero control on syndication to Redfin – they; like us – receive their data direct from the NWMLS (IDX feed). That said, when you are in a panic – here is a support link…

Real Estate Agent Looking to: Edit a Listing” – support here.*bookmark it! Or, if lost – give me a text/ring.

Note: I haven’t been able to track down the same kind of direct broker support for Zillow. That said, I know people that know people if we need to escalate a problem on their site. Again, they too now receive their listing feed direct from NWMLS.

That will wrap my sweep this week! Let’s double down on our superpowers – mask, distance & wash out hands. These big 3 are certain – as are the sunrises and sunsets – even if we can’t see them at all times. It is reassuring to know they are certain.

I’ll leave you to ponder this thought – what brings certainty for you? Good time to double down on that!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

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