Welcome to Friday! | “KMF”

Welcome to the end of the week, welcome September & welcome to the launch into the long Labor Day weekend! Content light today, instead a story that keeps coming back for me – a sweet story from summer.

My family was able to road trip in August to Sun Valley (ps, lesson learned – fly Laura fly – that is a long drive!). Each morning, I the first one up in the house. Coffee in hand, dog by my side we headed out for our morning walk. On one of the strolls, at the base of a mountain – an elderly gentleman with two walking sticks was coming down from his morning hike. As I do, I engaged with him & inquired, “how was it” and it was in his reply that this stranger is now etched in my mind…

His reply…”KMF” to which I said “tell me more” to which he said, “always Keep Moving Forward, that is all we can do. I just go where me feet take me…”

I offer this story & message to us all as we head into the holiday weekend, a ton of transition for many people (aka, school is back – with that comes a lot!) and the beginnings to change of season to fall. I will celebrate the work we get to do, go where me feet take me and always KMF

All in, for us. All in, for you. All in, for KMF.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday! | “KMF”

  1. Dan Givens says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! It’s a fabulous life lesson and KMF is now etched in my brain. Might even be a pretty fair answer to the question, “what is the purpose of life?”.


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